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    daniellethetexasharpist on #147038

    Hi everyone,

    I am just starting out to gig more regularly and am looking for some easy ideas to add some variety to my gig repertoire.
    I currently have a lot of classical selections, some Jewish (from Sunita Staneslow), some Celtic/folk songs, and a few more modern pieces by Andres. I’m not a big jazz or rock person, but thought some Broadway songs might be nice?
    Do any of you have ideas or books you would recommend for some variety? I can improvise off of melody/chords, so maybe there would be some inexpensive fakebooks that would be helpful? I’m hoping not to make this a big outlay…harp music can be expensive!
    I’d love to hear any and all ideas you might have!

    Thank you!

    onita-sanders on #147039

    When I first started out playing in a restaurant, Harvi Griffen suggested that I have commited to memory at least 40 selections and build upon that.

    patricia-jaeger on #147040

    Regarding , remember that from December 26 through 31, music stores as well as other retailers, seek to reduce inventory on which they would be liable for taxes. Fake books might be reduced considerably – think 30 to 50%- during that time. A very useful one is The Classical Fake Book published by Hal Leonard Corporation. Not only excerpts from symphonies, but waltzes, short pieces by Debussy and others, are included, as melodies with chord symbols, so useful for those who improvise on the harp.

    patricia-jaeger on #147041

    Danielle, adding some country-western pieces to your repertoire makes a nice change, and your audiences will really sit up and listen if they hear such catchy melodies as Duelling Banjos, Last Date, The Homecoming, Steel Guitar Rag, and so on. Louise Trotter of Houston TX is the foremost exponent of this style on the pedal harp and whenever she plays these arrangements of hers, people gather to marvel at her fleet fingers. If you go to and browse her music and CDs you can find those compositions on her recordings such as Scenes from the Southwest,

    Jerusha Amado on #147042


    These are some great ideas!

    daniellethetexasharpist on #147043

    Thank you so much for your ideas! Keep them coming! 🙂

    daniellethetexasharpist on #147044

    would any of you recommend some Disney classics? Or would that be more limiting depending on the venue?

    onita-sanders on #147045

    Just thought I would expand a little on your follow-up post.

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