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    unknown-user on #167020

    Hello, if harp is my primary instrument, what would be ideal for second study? I guess piano because harpists often play piano reductions and it’s useful for general musicianship issues. However, I would have to start from scratch and I don’t really like the instrument.

    Other options:
    1. harp and voice (weird combi?)
    2.harp and classical guitar (I do have a Grade 5 cert in guitar but I’m tired of the instrument)
    3.harp and violin (I’ll need to work hard because my violin playing is at the elementary level but I love the repertoire and I already own a violin)
    4.harp and cello (love the sound of the cello but would have to start from scratch)

    Also, when would be the ideal time to begin the second instrument(if it’s something I’m learning from scratch)? When I’ve reached intermediate level on the harp?

    carl-swanson on #167021

    Why do you have to play a second instrument?

    unknown-user on #167022

    For interest and general musicianship reasons. Here in Asia, young students normally take exams offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or Trinity-Guildhall (their parents demand it). I wonder if it would help me with understanding music theory and teaching it to future harp pupils if I play the piano (which I don’t)…

    Or is it enough for harp teachers to be good at their own instruments? Do I need a second study if I wish to do a music degree (probably unlikely due to age reasons but I will probably do a diploma if I teach)…Pieces of paper are very important here in Asia…

    I like playing the violin but I sorta feel I should spend every spare minute practising harp and it takes a lot of hours to be a bearable violinist….

    unknown-user on #167023

    There are so many options, and you definitely don’t want to lose focus (i.e. take away from your harp studies), but your question made me think about my own experiences regarding voice (and I don’t think

    unknown-user on #167024

    Hi Monika, I sung in choirs for years when I was younger so I think I’ve got that covered! In fact, my friend is trying to entice me back to sing alto

    unknown-user on #167025

    “Certainly, it would be easier to train in voice than an instrument…”… You don’t know what you’re talking about!

    Well if you want to sing like some crappy Britney Spears or something like that

    unknown-user on #167026

    I still havn’t understood what you mean by general musicianship reason? What are these sort of things?

    On the other hand… I feel your problem is you’re dreaming too big, and you’ll better get off the clouds soon.

    unknown-user on #167027

    Miso… are you thinking about picking up this second instrument with the intent of becoming proficient?

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