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    renaissancemanohio on #195017

    Dear Editor:

    I am a relative newcomer to the world of harp. Professionally, I am a nurse practitioner, nationally board-certified in several areas of advanced nursing including holistic nursing, psychiatric nursing, and palliative care. How do I gauge interest and garner support for a new forum on the topic of holistic harp? Would this fit within an existing forum?

    Possible topics include mindfulness, avoiding injury, coping with the impact of age-related changes in one’s relationship to the harp, becoming one with the harp, and breathing exercises to promote relaxation and focus with the harp and away from the harp.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this idea. Thank you.

    John D. Chovan, Columbus, Ohio

    Biagio on #195031

    John, two groups with wide membership are the Yahoo! Harplist and Virtual Harp Circle – both have many members who are therapeutic musicians.  I would suggest joining one or both and asking the same questions there: you may find that you do not need to create a new forum, or you may find “leads” to more specialized forums.  Both are “restricted” which means you must state in your application to join why you want to.  That is to weed out scammers and such sorts.

    I am an owner/moderator of the VHC which is smaller than the HL – we have about 500 members who play every conceivable kind of harp.  The VHC is mainly intended for beginners but at this point we have a lot of professionals too – several active in the areas you are interested in.  I’d be happy to “approve” you (be sure to remind me who you are if you apply). Here is the web address for the VHC:





    Harp Column Staff on #195041

    Hi John:

    Thanks for your message and your interest in our forums! Actually, you can start your own forum by creating a Group. (Click the groups tab under “Community” and be sure you are logged in.) All groups have their own forums!

    Because of the group feature, we don’t have any plans to add any main forums here in the near future.

    –Kim at Harp Column

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