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    carl-swanson on #146557

    I just received this in an email:

    Wanted: Musicians to play in restaurant

    Craigslist Ad: We are a small & casual restaurant in downtown. We are looking for musicians to play, gratis, in our restaurant to promote their work and sell their CD. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More Jazz, Rock, & smooth type music, around the world and mixed cultural music. Are you interested to promote your work? Please reply back ASAP.

    Happy new year! I am a musician with a big house looking for a restaurateur to promote their restaurant and come to my house to make dinner, gratis, for my friends and me. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More fine dining & exotic meals and mixed Ethnic Fusion cuisine. Are you interested to promote your restaurant? Please reply back ASAP.

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    barbara-kraichy–2 on #146560

    I enjoyed that! What a great response to people who have the audacity to want harpists to play for gratis.

    kent-vogel on #146561

    Good job Mr. Swanson! They remind me of Huck Finn giving the neighborhood kids a chance to whitewash the fence!

    diana-lincoln on #146562

    That response made me laugh!!!Way to go!!!

    kay-lister on #146563

    This reminds me of what happened to me a few years ago.

    andee-craig on #146564

    Kay, re: ‘playing for exposure’…my teacher used to say, “People have been known to die from exposure!”!

    carl-swanson on #146565

    Kay- I think if anyone asked me to play a job for free I might respond “Why I’d love to, provided you pay my bills for this month.”

    jessica-wolff on #146566

    It was Tom Sawyer, but good point.

    Irene C on #146567


    tonya-a on #146568

    Carl – I’d love to see your response to this CraigsList posting I just found – they can’t be serious! (Can they?).

    “We are looking for a full size harp for free, my wife wants to learn how to play one and no way could we afford one.

    So if by chance you have one and would be willing to give it to a good home I promise we’ll take care of it and enjoy learning to play it.

    Please reply with a photo and phone number or the email will be deleted.


    barbara-brundage on #146569

    Sure, they can be serious.

    I had a student who did that, too. People have an incredible sense of entitlement. They said in their ad that since God had prompted her to want to play, then it was up to someone to provide the instrument. :: Shrugs::

    Elizabeth L on #146570

    They can let God

    Maria Myers on #146571

    This reminds me of Ms Konkus who posted many times on this site asking for money and then using a personal blog to attack those who didn’t comply.


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