I need help finding a few pieces! Renie and Oberthur

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    Nicholas Mynyk on #84640

    I am looking for the 2nd Ballade of Renie ( not ballade fantastique) Leduc no longer publishes this work and it is sited in her Methode.

    I also need a copy of the Concertino by Oberthur Op. 157 (not the Orpheus Konzertstucke) This concertino is mentioned in the Methode and in Roslyn Rensch’s book, Harps and Harpists. If anyone can help me please let me know. I will be happy to pay for photocopies and postage. The works will only be used for study not for profit. I have been deeply inspired Renie and her Methode.

    Thank you

    Nick Mynyk

    carl-swanson on #84641

    Is the 2nd Ballade called 2nd Ballade? Or is it called something else?

    Nicholas Mynyk on #84642

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, It is listed in the Methode as Deuxieme Ballade, Leduc’s old listing is 2e Ballade. There are several incipits in the Methode from this work and they are not from Ballade Fantasique which is also sited and marvelous. Lyra or International Music Service does not have it or the Oberthur.

    International Harp Archives do have them but how to get a copy?


    Nick Mynyk

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #84643

    I think if you look again, you will find she is referring to the Deuxieme Ballade by Loukine. You might want to learn the solos by Henri Busser, which are available. You can order the Loukine, if you really want to.

    Nicholas Mynyk on #84644

    Thank you Saul, it is not the Busser or the Loukine. I was able to find the pieces in the International Harp Archives. Thanks! The Loukine is nice and the Busser is wonderful.

    carl-swanson on #84645

    You’re talking about the composer of The Sleep of the Infant Jesus(Busser)? That’s a dreadful piece. Did he write some other pieces for harp that are worth looking at?

    Interesting footnote about Busser. When I was living in Paris in 1972, Henri Busser was celebrating his 100th birthday! He died the following year at 101. While there were musicians in Paris who could brag about studying with Debussy, Ravel, etc. Busser could brag about studying with the same people they studied with.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #84646

    Busser wrote several harp solos that are as well written for the harp, if not better than, as those of Pierne. The early pieces are in a similar style, and they gradually become more modern. I believe the titles are Ballade, second Ballade or something, Impromptu on Japanese Airs, and Prelude and Dance.

    I could have sworn Renie was frequently referring to Loukine’s Second Ballade.

    emma-graham on #84647

    I picked up a second hand copy of Renie’s 2nd ballade a few years ago in Lyon and Healy/ Salvi’s London showroom. I bought it just because I love her music but I haven’t had a chance to learn it yet. Your post made me dig it out and here is the first page on my Twitter stream in case you are interested: http://twitpic.com/1uk7zr

    Anyone else on twitter by the way?

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