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    I’ve wanted a wire harp for a number of years, and finally got one. A Musicmaker Limrick strung with 26 steel and bronze wound strings- purchased used- on ebay, and for less than I paid for a Sharpsicle.
    OK- so it’s not a Queen Mary Copy or a Triplett, but it puts me in the ballpark, and I can’t keep my hands off of it.
    I thought the wire might be hard to play on my hands, but not so at all- I’m not using fingernail either and getting what I think is acceptable volume at least. There are no levers- It starts in the bass on C and so that’s all I’ve played in so far, and tuning the wire is a little bit to get used to- unforgiving- sometimes I can’t move the peg little enough.
    But it evokes a different style The strings have a gentle but very resonate quality I find really soothing. Yet playing too fast or too many at once starts to muddy the sound up rather quickly. So I’m playing a little slower and I find the sound really tranquil- that echoey Celtic sound, sometimes almost a harpsichord or rather like a hammered dulcimer. I wanted to post a sample, but my computer mike has gone out, and so I’ll have to break out the old video camera and tripod. I’m surprised that strings are fairy inexpensive- Musicmaker’s offers a full line or set and not sure where I’ll go with it eventually. Guitar strings fit well with the same ball end, and I’ve even found suitable red and blue guitar strings for the lowest two, so that really helps keep track of the strings. I’ll be back with pictures and a vid I hope.
    It’s just about time for my yearly watching of the “Dead Poets Society” and I’ll probably plunk along to the DVD. Caloo Calay! Such Fabjous Joy!

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