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    . . . and I want to know how to avoid it!


    My pedal harp used to pop strings quite often, it was in the living room near the front door. So even though our windows were closed it was apparently getting temperature changes from the door alone. I moved my harp into my bedroom, I keep the door closed and don’t open the window anymore. The rest of the house has a nice breeze when we open up the windows but my room will stay nice and at an even temperature all seasons. My advice would be to pick a “harp room” and try and keep it as stable as possible. I hope that helped, God Bless!

    — Natalie

    Elizabeth L

    If you don’t play with any other musicians and you don’t have perfect pitch, you could flatten your strings a little.


    I would recommend that you back down the tension a little for the top maybe four octaves when you are done playing for the evening., maybe a third of a turn. It is very disconcerting (please pardon the pun) to hear strings pop in the night! Maybe there could be a piece written Titled, “Pop in the Night!”

    Katherine Denler

    I really like your reply!

    Another suggestion could be to keep the thickest covers you have (blue mitten cover…) on at night when the temperature drops. This could hopefully prevent some breakage.


    Thanks to all for the suggestions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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