I know… Another car post.

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    Calista Anne Koch on #149714

    I have gone back and read my back issues on harp cars and went and read as many posts as I could find, but, just like the last person that posted, I am very specific about what I need.

    sharon-avis–2 on #149715

    Hi Calista:

    Check Toyota Siennas.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149716

    You can also get a Siena that has been adapted for wheelchair use with an automatic ramp. How great would that be?

    sherry-lenox on #149717

    Hi Calista- I don’t know where you are writing from, but in the NY Metropolitan area, car dealers are just thrilled to have you come and try a harp in a few of their cars, and don’t expect you to buy. At least that was our experience.

    Doing that, you could try a car and still buy from an auction. You can also check for used cars near you online and find dealers who have a particular car on their lots.

    You could return the favor by recommending cooperative dealers to friends who wish to buy new cars.

    The Flex we have was actually a demo so we got a good price (although not as good as auction) for a “used” car in very good shape with low mileage. We talk about the Flex all the time. I’m not sure whether I could column load though. The car is quite low.

    Calista Anne Koch on #149718

    Thank you for the tips so far.

    m-l-mcneel on #149719

    I know someone who is very happy with her Toyota Sienna.

    laura-smithburg-byrne on #149720

    I have posted about my Toyota Sienna before on previous threads but I have to say I still really love my Sienna.
    My back seats fold down into the floor and I can easily column load my Salzedo, all my equipment and travel very comfortably with my three teenage children and all their backpacks and stuff.
    When your harpmobile double-duties as the family van, you have to love your vehicle.
    You will be glad you got the entertainment package when your kids can watch their favorite movies with headphones in their comfy captains chairs and you are listening to beautiful music up front and everyone is happy for once.
    Automatic doors on both sides, safety locks on the windows from the drivers side arm rest are just a few of the safety features that matter in a family car.
    I am sure your local car dealers would be delighted to show you all the many bells and whistles you can get installed if they are not already installed from the previous owner.
    I have driven other harp cars mostly station wagons and the only other one that I liked was the Ford Taurus wagon, but that was before I had three kids.
    I did test drive a Honda Odyssey but I didn’t like it, too boxy and confining.
    One of the things I enjoy the most about my Sienna is the way it drives, it is a smooth ride and easy to manage.
    My family loves my car, it is especially comfortable for long trips and that is a real test for a family car.
    I bet there are a lot of great deals out there now, good luck hunting for the best harpmobile!

    Calista Anne Koch on #149721


    I think you may have convinced me.

    erin-wood on #149722

    Another endorsement of the Sienna–I love it too. You need to figure out the best seating configuration for your family. For us, the way the seats split in the back was better in the Sienna than in the Odyssey. I think that Sienna models after 2003 all have the fold down flat seats in the back, which you definitely want. We moved our middle row captain’s chairs together and then I fold down the single seat on the side in the back and column load on the side. The enables me to drive my whole family (4 kids plus spouse) and harp! Also, just putting down the single seat creates a very snug fit for the harp so it can’t jostle at all. You would not be able to do this in a Sienna with a bench in the middle. So be sure to check all the seating configurations out and don’t let your friend buy one with a bench or something. Good luck! The packages are all different so ours is a cheaper one that only has one remote door and no built in DVD. Although those features would be great, it was not worth the extra cost to us.

    Calista Anne Koch on #149723

    This has been a big help.

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