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    Liam M on #160168

    …. Around!

    The debut of my Brass Sound Board experiment!

    It is a strange sound… The sustain is even longer then that of traditional wire and the effect of damping is changed. The pitch is surprisingly stable, much more so then wood. However the sound is not unpleasant and shows promise.

    Liam M on #160169

    Forgot to mention, the test jig is adjustable. I can vary Arch to Soundboard dimension

    Audrey Nickel on #160170

    Definitely an interesting experiment!

    Liam M on #160171

    Hi Audrey!! How are you?

    Karen Johns on #160172

    Hi Liam! Welcome Back!

    I’ve been on a hiatus myself for a couple months, just started posting again a few weeks ago. You have definitely been busy! I think the brass soundboard looks very interesting, I imagine the vibration must just go on and on…

    How interesting too that you are building flutes. What type of flute are you building? I have a concert Boehm style-flute along with some bamboo flutes from Windsong instruments. Been playing for about 25 years now. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to build one of these!

    Question: What’s wrong with your thumb? Is it just the Alaska piks not working?


    michael-rockowitz on #160173


    I’m curious as to where you got the brass for the soundboard.

    Liam M on #160174

    The THUMBS do not like the strings… My thumbnails constantly catch or miss the string and manage to strum it when I am trying to damp it. Something about the angle and the approach, my fingers can dance across the strings, but the thumb plows!

    Liam M on #160175


    The brass is coming from Ace hardware, it’s manufactured by K&S engineering. I have .014 to .020 on hand right now.

    michael-rockowitz on #160176


    I like the idea of working with a harp on a small scale, experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, what tensions are tolerated, and its impact on tone.

    Liam M on #160177

    Well… I am not sure yet of some of the algorthms involved, but if we could develop them, we could program it.

    Dwyn . on #160178

    Think about making the soundbox from sheet metal.

    Dennis McKenzie on #160179

    Liam , greetings. For the problem with your thumb try using a guitar thumb pick that slides over your thumb. I have used one for years playing finger style guitar and found I liked using it on my wire Trinity as well. I just cant use those Alaskapicks. hope this helps. Dennis

    Liam M on #160180

    Greetings to you as well… Thanks, I will try that…

    Liam M on #160181


    harp guy on #160182

    Sounds fun!!!

    Have you tried tuning it to a whole tone scale? That would probably sound nice given the sustain. I just wouldn’t tune it to a standard Do Re Mi style scale though. You’ll always end on “ti” and have that unresolved 7th lingering in the air.


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