I have a question before purchasing my harpsicle..

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    unknown-user on #158676

    Hi everyone, I am just about to order my new harpsicle! I am very excited, the only thing is as much as I am being drawn to this beautiful instrument I have a major concern, I have never ever picked up any musical instrument before, and I certainly can`t read sheet music, is their an easier way to learn the harpsicle, tab music like you see with guitar would be helpful, i havn`t been able to find anything like this, i am 32 years old and chomping at the bit to learn, any help would be fantastic.

    patricia-jaeger on #158677

    Hendryx, you’re certainly not alone in not being able to read sheet music! Where on the planet are you located? You need a kind harp player who will ease you into playing the harp, at first by copying what that player does (easy folk songs you already know by ear are fine) and then gradually, perhaps,

    unknown-user on #158678

    Thank you sooo much for your reply! I am located in Earfalls Ontario Canada, I do know of one other harp player here that may be able to help me out, it is such a small town, I honestly think she may be the only one..I am excited to begin.
    peace and blessings…Hendryx..

    Lynn on #158679

    I am delighted for you, Hendryx!

    Tacye on #158680

    Another web resource which may be useful is Eleri Turner’s set of online harp lessons.

    unknown-user on #158681

    Thank you all very much!..xoxox.

    jessica-wolff on #158682

    There was such a thing as tab for the harp back in the 16th or 17th century (in Spain, at least, but the harp doesn’t really lend itself to tab the way lute, guitar and banjo do. Harpo Marx’s son developed some kind of notation for his dad, who never learned to read music. I think it would be easier just to learn to read music.

    But don’t let that stop you from learning to play the harp! You will find that your ear gets better and better even if you don’t learn to read music.

    patricia-jaeger on #158683

    Although Roger Muma, a London, Ontario harp builder is located quite a distance from Ear Falls, he might have customers or know of harp players near you. His e-mail is roger@mumaharps.com. Winnipeg is probably your nearest large city, where there would certainly be teachers and players. Recently The Velvet Glove restaurant at 2 Lombard Place there has had a live harpist.

    shelby-m on #158684

    If you go into any piano shop, they sell sets of flashcards that make it easy to read music quickly and with few mistakes.

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