I have a harp that is not being used–is it bad to just sit there?

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    lindsay mimu on #159296

    I bought a L&H prelude, used it for a few years and then moved abroad. It is still at my mom’s house, unused and untuned. It is otherwise being taken care of (dusted).

    Is the fact that it’s not being tuned for 10 months a bad thing? I’m sure it’s probably bad for the strings, but what about permanent damage to the body of the harp? Will the pins slip?

    Thanks so much!

    Mel Sandberg on #159297

    Lindsay, If you were planning to really leave it for a very long time, I would turn down the strings just slightly, so that they are not at full tension.

    Mel Sandberg on #159298

    Sorry, I don’t remember exactly if the Prelude is a lever or pedal harp, and I don’t heve the catalogue in front of me now.

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