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    S M on #166220

    I can hardly believe it, but they actually accepted me in the youth
    orchestra I auditioned for!!!!!

    Anton Sie on #166221

    Congratulations! What pieces will you play?
    I think it’s nice for the other harpist that she plays another instrument, because then she can also play the pieces with one harp.

    And yes, you should know the piece 100%. If possible, listen to recordings and play along with it. When I was in youth orchestra, I didn’t know the piece 100% and I was very embarrassed during rehearsals. Now I’m replacing in professional orchestras and I’m always preparing the piece very well, no matter how simple it is! In fact, the easier the piece, the more difficult the rehearsals, as one is intended to pay less attention to the easy piece!

    S M on #166222

    Thank you! : ) The two pieces I have right now are Les Miserables and Procession of the Nobles.

    unknown-user on #166223

    Hey there!! I’m glad you made it! Actually, I play the flute in the same youth orchestra.

    william-nichols on #166224

    Well done. It a great achievement to be in an orchestra. I am in a chamber orchestra for school.

    No you don’t need to know by heart, but you should be able to play it a bit. Don’t feel nervous. Just make sure you establish what can and cant play to the conductor. Like I didn’t do this so my conductor ended up giving me Ravel Introduction and Allegro. I saw the music and i nearly fainted. I went to music teacher and she had to tell her that i couldn’t play that. I am playing a suite called the sekles and it not that hard.

    But good luck and i hope you do well.

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