I found a cure for finger blisters!

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    unknown-user on #165930

    This is my first post on here, and I didn’t really know where to put this since it’s not particularly a question….
    But I found a cure for finger soreness, and those awful little blisters. I get them if I practice for too long, or if I perform lots of glissandos! All you need to do is ice the sore spots. I usually get blisters on my right thumb or index finger. I ice them before I go to bed, if I watch a movie with the family. I usually wake up without blisters the next morning!
    Although I haven’t tried yet, it’s simple enough to do during break time at a gig. I hopefully have my first paid gig playing for a restaurant on an upcoming weekend, so I felt better knowing that if my fingers were tired all I had to do was ask a waiter for a cup of ice!
    I hope I helped somebody! God Bless!

    P.S. Oh and if you’ve found some other sore finger busters let me know! 🙂

    pietra-dekker on #165931

    My harp teacher told me to pop the blisters, quickly dip it in methylated spirits, then allow the methylated spirits to dry off. This causes the blister to go hard, so that it no longer hurts. She said to then file back the hardened blister so that the sound is softer. After a while, you just stop getting blisters, although you do get calluses that need to be filed back like the hard blisters. It’s kind of gross, but it helps.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #165932

    The best thing is not to get them. You can do that by practicing a regular amount, and not overdoing glissandos until you have enough callous. You can play them very softly to mark where they are, until the skin toughens. You need to practice them the same amount each day. The blisters come from sudden overuse, and it is a pain when they come off. You also have to watch for white marks under the skin, which means the layers separated underneath, and as they reach the surface of the skin, they will then come off like a blister, and you will have to redevelop the callous.

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