I bought a Fullsicle Harpsicle

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    jilly06 on #187347

    I’m so happy as I just purchased a fullsicle harpsicle and ordered some Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins Guardian Angel lap harp music. I’m thinking of getting the Gentility lap harp music too. The fullsicle has a pickup in it too. I have been using my flatsicle harpsicle for lessons. Do any of you also play a harpsicle or lap harp? I am a 60 year old grandmother and began harp lessons 7 months ago and don’t know where this harp journey will take me. I hope to use it as harp therapy and maybe play at the local restaurant in town someday.

    susan-ash on #187375

    Congratulations on your new harp! It is so exciting to have a new harp in your hands….happy for you!
    Harpsicles are well made and attractive! (I play a lever harp, but not a harpsicle).
    I welcome you to the harp as an older student! I was about your age when I started my journey with the harp, and even though I wish there had been opportunities when I was young to learn music….I wouldn’t miss this experience for the world!
    Best of luck!

    wil-weten on #187379

    Congratulations on the purchase your fullsicle. I hope you will enjoy many happy hours with it.

    czenzilee on #187415

    Congrats! I’ve been playing for almost 7 months too. I bought a Flatsicle during a sale (otherwise I would have only gotten a Sharpsicle) because it was affordable and by a known maker. I was on a really tight budget at the time I bought it, but I am really happy that I made the choice to start playing the harp, and I love the little thing so it’s a joy to practice.

    I really hope you enjoy your new harp! What color did you get it in? At some point it’d be great to get your perspective on the music you ordered too. 🙂

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