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    mr-s on #144657

    Hello my friends,I still stuck here in Athens ,and can’t get out of Greece to the real Europe , I am Harpless scores less, and hopeless , feel so bad and want to know if somebody know if there is any Harp community in Greece ,the three years of war in my country took many good thinga from my abilities and still taking even I am out , I wish I can find a Harp in Greece just to do some exercises , I will not play any music I am not feeling well , and that ever lasting suffer trying to take out all of my Harp abilities I did get in my academic and professional life , how cruel is the life to give you something in one hand and take it in the other .

    Sherj DeSantis on #144658

    Basel, so NICE to hear from you and know you are somewhere, alive and well. The rest will come, but again, so thankful that you are still with us. Maybe someone will reply to the forum about a contact in Greece. All my thoughts and best wishes for you. Sherj

    mr-s on #144660

    I had to leave Greece in 4 month , by the law of Greece , and can’t go back home , no more Home no more family in my country , Greece is a very poor country , I need to leave and that’s a kind of impossibility 🙁 .

    wil-weten on #144681

    Hi Basel,

    Good to hear that you have managed to flee from Syria.

    Find out all you can about getting asylum in Europe. E.g.: as you are already in the EU- country Greece, you can’t ask asylum in another European country. So you need to apply for it in Greece. When you’ve got the refugee status in Greece I believe you can travel to the European country of countries of your choice. You may like to start reading here: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/asylum/index_en.htm

    Try whether the UNHCR Greek Council for Refugees (see: http://www.unhcr.org/48fdec18b.html ) can help you to get asylum or help you in any other way.

    By the way, I remember that your parents got their visa to the United States but that your application was refused. I wonder why. This must be very painful to you. Anyway, I hope your parents are now safe in the USA.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #183206

    Many people would envy being able to be in beautiful Greece, even if it is presently a poor place. There are professional harpists there, of course, like Theodor Matoulas and Maria Bildea, to name just two. You have been through trauma, no doubt, but you must take a positive attitude and you will get ahead, and if not, at least you will feel better.

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