I am a young harpist, and the only harpist on my area. How do I begin to get gigs?

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    unknown-user on #167633

    I live in a large river city, and I am currently the only harp player
    in my area. I am also 14 years of age, and have been playing the harp
    for two years. I would really like to play at weddings and party’s,

    anita-burroughs-price on #167634

    I would begin by speaking with your teacher. They often receive invitations for event where you could get experience and are good at referring those event where you could really shine. Also, contact local restaurants and retirement comunities for opportunities to entertain. Contact your school choral and instrumental conductors to see if they know of opportunities.
    Always be well prepared and have business cards printed up to circulate.

    unknown-user on #167635

    Hi Haley, the best way I have landed gigs is just to start out with something simple.

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