Hurricane Irene

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    joan-steinberg on #147455


    tony-morosco on #147456

    I’m more concerned about my roof blowing off.

    unknown-user on #147457

    I’m concerned about moving into college… with my harp. Ugh.


    Jessica A on #147458

    Have you asked the bride (or wedding coordinator) what Plan B is?

    joan-steinberg on #147459

    Plan B is inside a party tent, or perhaps a building.

    laura-smithburg-byrne on #147460

    Well, the last I heard “Irene” was going to hit us here in North Carolina on Saturday.
    It looks like it is going to come in a little farther west than originally estimated.
    This puts it on a slightly more northwest trajectory coming farther inland.
    It is tough for the coastal areas, they are already evacuating the outer banks.
    We are lucky that we are more inland in Raleigh, but people here still talk about “Fran” and not to underestimate the potential damage of the winds and flooding, especially if the storm stalls a while.
    I am sure your local weather people will give an “hour by hour” guesstimate of the hurricane’s effect in your area.
    You will probably be fine for your Saturday wedding in Philly, but who knows exactly what course a hurricane will take!

    Most universities have emergency weather plans that are activated when severe weather is imminent.
    We have been getting emails at Duke for 3 days now and I am sure there are notices on your university web-site as to their plan.
    Check ahead of time where your harp will be stored and if it is on higher ground in a building that is out of a flood plain.
    It is always wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

    kay-lister on #147461

    I live on the Eastern Shore of MD.

    kreig-kitts on #147462

    “I don’t care if there’s a hurricane! IT’S MY SPECIAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    kay-lister on #147463

    LOL Kreig – and you enjoy it!!!

    ;-) Kay

    kreig-kitts on #147464

    I was predicting the response of many a Bridezilla to learning her wedding might not be the world’s foremost priority.

    kay-lister on #147465

    OH – Gotcha, DUH.

    galen-reed on #147466

    Not sure I’d take a harp out, but could always use the FEMA approach – pre-position it when the weather’s good (in a nearby secure building), and return it there after performing until the storm is past. Don’t know if that’s an option, but if it helps.

    It’s a good reminder to have weather/calamity contingencies covered when booking, as a matter of course…

    laura-smithburg-byrne on #147467

    North Carolina’s coast has taken the initial blow of Irene with up to 85mph winds and an expected 3-4 foot water surge in Elizabeth City and other areas over the next 24 hours. Our cable was knocked out until noon today in my area and so we are only now seeing the images of the impact on the coastal areas from the news channels.
    New Bern and Morehead City have had pretty serious impact, I think the flooding is the biggest fear now.
    It is heading out of North Carolina toward Norfolk Virginia and Washington D.C. then out to sea before heading towards NJ and NYC. I see on the news they have been evacuating lower Manhattan and the most vulnerable areas.
    We feel blessed and lucky being so far inland, for us it has only been wind and rain, but I worry for the rest of the eastern coast because this storm is so huge.
    It is not that Irene is so powerful as Katrina was, but the bands of wind and rain are far reaching and 24 hours of rain is a lot of water! I would love to hear from other harpists along the course of Irene to hear how you all are weathering the storm.

    Amber M on #147468

    Not bad here (N VA). As you said, lots of rain and wind but we havent lost power or anything.

    Jessica Frost on #147469

    I am friends with a wedding coordinator in Virginia Beach. She was tearing her hair out about a bride who was supposed to get married this afternoon on the oceanfront. Apparently bright and early this morning the bride was standing outside arguing with a police officer. She wanted to hold the ceremony out on the sand, despite the rain, and was using the argument that they “weren’t going to go in the water so they’d be fine”. She said her guests knew she was getting married outside rain or shine and would be dressed appropriately. The coordinator tried to explain the difference between a rain shower and a hurricane. I don’t know what ended up happening but I’ll post when I do.

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