Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Liszt

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    sidney-butler on #151663

    I am playing this piece in orchestra and wonder if there are any suggestions for the fast parts–like fingerings?

    sidney-butler on #151664

    Well, as there are no replies, maybe a specific question could get things going.

    Sylvia Clark on #151665

    I’m not familiar with the part, but sometimes small notes are just doubling the winds or another part of the orchestra.

    sidney-butler on #151666

    The 32nd notes are marked piano (maybe even pianissimo if I recall correctly).

    Julie Albertson on #151667

    Hi Sidney,

    I’ve played this piece 2 or 3 times and there’s nothing to worry about; just concentrate on listening to the other instruments. As I recall, the 32nd notes are more for effect. I tend to think in chords – measures 43-44: G, G, G, C/G, G, G7, Eb/G, G, etc.

    At measure 150 (33 after the Vivace in 2/4), I play the bottom C’s with the left hand and the top two notes (Bb, E natural, Ab, F, etc.) in the right.

    Again, with the 16th notes on page 3, 25 measures after the piu mosso, think in chords (C, C, F, F, etc.) I imagine you could leave out the 16th’s on beats 2 & 4; experiment and see what falls naturally in your fingers. For security’s sake, you could put the B-pedal in sharp position and put it back to Bb at the end of the page during the 31 measure rest.

    On the last page, 17 measures after the piu mosso, you could probably leave out the bass line and play the E’s and F’s of the 2nd beats with your left hand. You might check a score to make sure those lower notes are covered, or you can probably tell by the recording.

    Also, I slightly roll any chords throughout. Your adrenaline will kick in; it’s a fun piece to play…just think about Bugs Bunny!

    Julie in Atlanta

    sidney-butler on #151668


    Thank you for your advise on this piece.

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