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    HBrock25 on #149646

    Again I’m trying to help my friends. They are looking for the

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149647

    I would like to have more of his music, too. The Old Hungarian Melodies were a transcription by Liana Pasquali.

    patricia-jaeger on #149648

    It may be that Susana Remeny-Prentice, harpist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada knows about Ferenc Farkas and has music of his. She emigrated from Hungary in the 1950’s when that country was overrun by the Communists. You can e-mail me for her address. The Old Hungarian Melodies, transcribed for harp by the late Liana Pasquali, are most certainly in the hands of her many illustrious students: Anna-Maria Ravnopolska of Bulgaria, Ian Roncea of Romania, Stana Bunea now

    Marta Chrzanowska on #149649

    Thank you for all your replies. My friend was trying to get the music directly from Hungary, but so far without any success. Here’s a link to the competition his daughter is planning to attend:

    The music they are looking for is a part of a mandatory program. Thanks again-


    Marta Chrzanowska on #149650

    I’m very happy, because the music arrived via email from Ms.Natalia Gorbunowa !My friends

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