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    Can I get some opinions on good humidifiers for my harp room? Thanks.



    Could someone also please indicate the proper humidity levels for harps. We can’t remember if it was 40% or 50%. Or something else?


    It depends on the harp, where it was built and the seasoning of the wood.

    Sid Humphreys

    You can find an assortment of humidifiers at Bed Bath and Beyond. My Honeywell burned itself out after 4 winters. I found a great Vornado humidifier at BB&B. Just don’t rely on the built in hygrometer. Get a good hygrometer at Home-depot or Radio shack. They usually run about $15. If you think you don’t need a humidifier, then spend the 15 bucks on the hygrometer anyway! You’ll be surprised! Just don’t tell me how bad it was because I’ll have to do the “I told you so dance!”

    ;-) Sid



    Carl Swanson may reply here. I consider him an expert on these matters. There have been several discussion on this board about humidifiers. Last year, Carl posted this about home humidity levels for harps:

    “40% to 60% is ideal, but 29% is not that bad. It’s better than 5% or 8%, which is what it would be without any humidification at all.”

    A couple of years ago I bought a Bemis Essick Air. Here’s a link with info. I got mine at Menards, but you can buy them many places, including

    The thing I like about this humidifier is it covers 2,700 sq. feet and I only need to refill it every 3 days or so. (Earlier, I got a smaller one, and had to fill it at least once a day.)

    I’ve been very happy with my Bemis. It has a fan control (low, medium, and high) and you can also set the percentage you want for the humidity level.


    Rod C.


    Rod- I’m curious about the humidifier you got. Is the air coming out of it invisible? Or does it look like steam?

    Sid Humphreys


    I know you asked this question to Rod, but wanted to state that my new humidifier lets off a steam like vapor. The machine gives you the option of cool mist or warm for whatever that’s worth; they both appear as vapor. Because of this I chose to keep the humidifier across the room from the harp. I looked all over for 2 days for a cold humidifier like my last one but had no luck. The staff at Home Depot and Lowes all told me that we don’t need humidifiers in Dallas. Of course with the hygrometer in the living room reading 12% I knew better. There were at least 11 different humidifiers at Bed Bath and Beyond and they all had a “vapor”, and of course since everyone working there is on an hourly wage, none of the staff could answer questions about this mysterious mist! I bought what I did out of frustration and the fact that it would handle 900 square feet (enough to control all of the downstairs of my townhouse). It would be nice to find one that doesn’t emit this vapor in which case I’d move the current one upstairs and keep the invisible air downstairs and closer to the harp. If anyone knows where this can be purchases today (please don’t tell me about your humidifier that you bought 5 years ago at such-and-such place… that does us no good today). It seems these electronics change yearly and it gets frustrating trying to find replacements.

    So Carl, is this vapor, even though it’s cool, not good for the harp?



    Hi Carl:

    Sorry….I’m slow to respond to your query.

    Jerusha Amado

    I too have a Vornado evaporative humidifier from Bed Bath and Beyond.


    A visible vapor-either steam or electronically produced micro-droplets- is not good for several reasons. One is that it can leave a layer of white calcium on everything by the end of the season. The other is that the droplets will not all completely evaporate into the air and can produce condensation on objects. In the case of a harp or piano, it might produce rust on steel parts. The air nearest the humidifier will have the highest humidity, and will quickly dissipate as you move away from the machine. So I don’t know how well your humidifier will humidify the harp if it is across the room. If the humidifier blows out completely invisible air, you can put it right next to the harp and have it blowing on the harp and it will not cause any damage.

    Sid Humphreys

    The hygrometer next to the harp registers 43-52% depending on how much the heater is running Carl. I don’t know what the level is on the other side of the living room next to the humidifier. I do know without the humidifier the living room will register as low as 12%!


    You’re doing fine Sid. That humidity range should prevent wood from cracking and joints from opening up.

    Debid Chaprt

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