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    Molly Jones on #165878

    Hey! I’m 15 and a sophomore in the higschool orchestra. We got our new music

    unknown-user on #165879

    hey there, the Moncayos

    tiffany-envid on #165880

    Ivan, what do you mean “the first solo try to learn it by memory, u can play it at the octave where is written.”

    jessica-wolff on #165881

    Huapango as I know it is actually a genre, with a kind of oom-pah. oom,-pah-pah beat.

    patricia-jaeger on #165882

    Molly, if you go to the link below, here is a youth orchestra conducted by Gustave Dudamel, playing that piece:

    unknown-user on #165883

    yes! ignore the 8va higher!

    Katheryn on #165884

    When I have to play for an orchestra I always record every song I’m in at least once and work with it at home. This way

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #165885

    This is the one by Moncayo, correct? I have sent you the excerpt that has the harp bits in it, with some cues written in and my fingering. I hope this helps!

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