How Would You Notate This?

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    Evan Rogers on #226076

    Hi all,

    I’m a composer and looking for some feedback from harpists on their preferred way to reads this passage:

    Option A:
    Option B:


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    Tacye on #226087

    C – shove it all on one staff.

    carl-swanson on #226093

    The last one is the way any harpist would play it.

    emma-graham on #226110

    Of these options, the last one. But I agree with Tacye, put it all on the same line and just use tails up/down to indicate left or right hand.

    brian-noel on #226143

    Hi Evan,

    I agree with everyone here. I was working on some arranging projects and thought it would be easier to show you. It’s easier for the right hand to play the same notes ascending and descending. So, the way it is notated here is how I (and I think most) harpists would play the passage. To alternate hands would be buzzy and difficult to place. Good luck with your project.

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #226365

    Don’t worry about how we play it, just use the clearest notation. But you have a bigger problem. In that range the strings are sustaining longer and their is a risk of it being very buzzy to go over the same strings over and over. Not a problem an octave higher, or with the hands separated by an octave. Make sure you need that exact pattern in that range first.

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