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    I have been playing the harp for 12 years, and I studied at Florida

    State University for 3 years.

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    Have you visited the public schools in your area? I began a very successful string music program in partnership with my local arts council and school district.( I currently have 38 community students and am program director for a youth orchestra, civic string orchestra and civic full orchestra.)We started, almost from scratch, 2 1/2 years ago and now have more than 70 musicians playing in our orchestras or as beginning students.

    If you could meet the principal and other music teachers in your system and offer “Introduction to the Harp” as a lyceum or school seminar, then pass out sign up forms with your qualifications, lesson fees and other info, I think you would get a good response.Your private lesson fees would cover your “salary”.

    Some schools may allow you to use a practice room or music classroom to give students lessons during the school day. Harp lessons would also add benefit to the other existing music programs as a harpist would undoubtedly be welcomed to play as a soloist, orchestra member or choral accompanist.If you were able to recruit enough students, you could eventually develop a school harp ensemble.

    Partnerships can be amazingly powerful, beneficial entities. Good schools with a heart for students should welcome the opportunity you offer.

    As you find students, your community newspaper will also be an invaluable resource. I imagine they would find a story about learning to play the harp fascinating.

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