How to set B flat?

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    renate-kvalsvik on #162910

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but I’ve only played the Celtic lever harp for a little over half a year, and I learn from a book, as there are precious few harp teachers in Norway. What I want to know, is, how do I set my B’s to flat on my harp? Many melodies I’ve come across recently require this. I’d appreciate answers.

    Liam M on #162911

    Tune with the lever engaged to B normal, then when you disengage the lever you arrive at B flat. Or use an A sharp.

    renate-kvalsvik on #162912

    Oh, thanks.

    kay-lister on #162913


    renate-kvalsvik on #162914

    Hey, that sounds like a good piece of advice. I’m glad I found this place 🙂 It’s hard without a teacher. Thank you so much!

    Tacye on #162915

    It is kinder to your strings if you always tune with the levers
    disengaged- so tune the open string to Bb (also Eb and Ab) and then
    when you engage the lever you get B (or E or A).

    barbara-brundage on #162916

    >You also get a slightly more in tune result this way

    That’s assuming your levers are properly regulated. i agree it chews strings like crazy to tune with the levers engaged, but if your levers are out of regulation you may prefer to tune in C with levers engaged till you can do something about the regulation.

    (BTW, in much of Europe it’s more common to tune in A-flat [4 flats] these days, rather than E-flat [3 flats])

    renate-kvalsvik on #162917

    Thank you for the tips. I’ll make sure my levers are disengaged when I tune. I’m quite sure my levers are properly regulated, I’ve tested them with my tuner and they seem to be all right when engaged as when disengaged.

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