how to scale down to small harp

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    dancingpiper on #255748

    I am blessed with two beautiful Stoney End lever harps, one a Branwen 26-string and the other a Brittany 22-string. I am still quite a beginner and am wondering if there are ways to scale down the music I play on my bigger harp to fit on the smaller one. I love the wee one’s portability but I would like to be able to use it for more then just exercises and melodies. What do you all recommend? Thanks!!

    Biagio on #255767

    Sure you can but obviously you can’t use some chord fingerings that you would on a larger one (1-5-8 e.g.). Or play the chord above the melody. For the accompaniment use rather just one or two. I’d suggest look into Harper Tasche’s books specifically written for small harps.

    dancingpiper on #255804

    Thanks so much!! I just ordered some of his books. I will play around with my wee harp some more and see what I can do. Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Barbara on #257340

    Do you ever play from fake books? They’re so adaptable!

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