How to purchase a harp?

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    Brittany Huynh on #164311

    Hi all!

    I’ve been playing harp for a little over a year now, and am seriously
    considering purchasing a pedal harp. Because it’s been over a year,
    however, the “rent towards purchase” deal we signed up for is up.
    Nothing we’ve paid for will go towards my future harp. I know that I
    won’t be able to pay for a pedal harp up front in one lump sum (being
    that my dream harp does cost above $25,000), and I’ve heard that that
    is how you pay for a harp. Is that true? Can I make monthly payments
    (similar to buying a piano) and take several years to pay it off, or do
    harp makers (such as Salvi or Lyon and healy or Aoyama) let you pay it
    off little by little? After some research, I know that Venus harps lets
    you do that (the “pay monthly” deal), but do the other brands allow you
    to do that too? If it does indeed turn out to be a “pay up front”
    matter, I guess I’m doomed! =(

    Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!



    unknown-user on #164312

    Sylvia Woods offers the same financing for Lyon and Healy and Salvi as Venus.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164313


    The harp dealers usually work with Allegro Acceptance, which in February ’06 when I bought my harp was at 13% interest. I was advised by the Virginia Harp Center to see about getting a loan on my own ….a home equity loan….which means you need to own a house to do that and have enough invested in it to borrow off of that. It was at a hugely reduced interest from the 13%. However, if you do not own a house, Allegro is a way to go to get the harp of your dreams…..and you could always pay it off ahead if you got in a situation where you could do that.


    unknown-user on #164314

    Hey BB and B–

    Having once financed through Allegro, I’d add to Briggsy’s post on Allegro that the intrest calculation for payoff gets a little tricky if you choose to

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164315

    Frilly, that is interesting and good to know. I didn’t know that about Allegro. I am glad we didn’t need to use them though. I got my payments waaaaaay down on my harp because of a greatly reduced interest rate through my bank. I hope you can work something out Brittany.


    brook-boddie on #164316

    I agree with all the comments about Allegro Acceptance.

    kay-lister on #164317

    Hi Brittany,

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