How to prepare for a Competition

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    jordan-thomas on #151219

    Hi guys,

    I’m really interested in competitions, but hows does one know which competition is right for them and how does one prepare? Should I look at competitions in like 2011? Any suggestions or advice?

    unknown-user on #151220

    Hi Jordan,

    In my opinion, any competition is fair game if it fulfills two requirements

    1. you’re willing to get there (and can afford to do so)

    2. the repertoire is the right level and you don’t hate it

    The length of preparation depends on how much repertoire. I learned 3 pieces for a competition and it took 1 year to get them to the right level. I think it may be a little late to start on any summer 2010 competitions if you don’t already know some of the repertoire, so 2011 may be a good idea. I recommend beginning the pieces as soon as they are released.


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