How to pick the harps color?

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    unknown-user on #159966

    I’ve been reading a lot of the forum and am thinking of buying the Ogden L&H harp. Its actually like 1500 bux more than I was planning on paying for a beginner so I’m still thinking. Any suggestion?
    What color should I pick since the L&H site doesn’t really have like a picture of each color?

    Zen Sojourner on #159967

    Yeah they do, right here

    Here’s a mahogany version at another website.

    And they have a full size picture of the ebony version on the L&H website

    vince-pierce on #159968

    Keep in mind that natural finish will age and get darker over time, walnut finish will lighten to a caramel color, and the darker finishes (especially ebony) show scratches and nicks much more. The finish on a LH harp does take years to change color, though. Also, with ebony you can’t see the wood grain. I like the Ogden in ebony and walnut, but the Bubinga veneer looks like it would be very attractive. I’ve never seen the Bubinga on a harp myself, though. Hope this helps.


    Lynn on #159969

    Hi Vivian,

    Go to , click on Harps and

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