How to paint on harp?

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    judy-wong on #156435

    Hello harpists, i just bought a second hand Salvi Sinfornietta, and want to paint on the soundboard. Do you have any idea what kind of paint should i use? Anything i need to pay attention to? Thank you very much.

    Cheryl Z. on #156436

    Hi Judy,

    judy-wong on #156437

    Thank you very much!!! Your suggestions are tremedously useful! I will post my harp later after finished. Thank you.

    Cheryl Z. on #156438

    Your welcome.

    frank-pianki on #156439

    Does anyone know where I can purchase some good quality Celtic design decals…I don’t have the skills or talent to paint!

    kay-lister on #156440


    Go to – they have some that are VERY nice looking.


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