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    Next time you go out with the harp, count how many times you have to give instructions to helpers who seem not to know how to hold a door open, which door to choose and where to stand without being in the way themselves or potentially letting the door go. Most recent count at one venue was about 5, this included waiting nearly10 minutes for an external door to be unlocked and just as I was leaving being told I couldn’t exit as a table was blocking the door, even though I ‘d come in that way…All the hopelessness of a Pinteresque dumb waiter! I took no prisoners and thankfully refused to let them lift it…!! Maybe I am being mean here but really, they seem to overlook the size of the thing.


    This most recent lugging of the harp has made me decide that from now on I really AM going to say, “No I don’t need any help at all, but I appreciate your offer.” Never again will I say, ‘Can you just get the doors for me?’ I plan to invest in a few good doorstops…various sizes….and just include them in my “rigging” that I haul along with me.

    Donna O

    I have a Vanderbilt cart which comes with a doorstop velcroed to the cart. I would think this could be adapted to any cart you use. It’s quite handy.


    and if you tie a 5 foot string to the doorstop, you don’t have to bend down to pick it up – after you go through the door just reel it in LOL


    The first rule when charring a harp is to always warn people NOT to help you. This I some times find my self having to bee quite rude to people who don’t understand that it is dangerous for my back and the harp I carry.
    I always talk about that in my workshops…
    The only people who can help are people who know how to handle harp and even then you need some one in charge of the move.


    When I’m loading is when most of the offers of help come. I tell them …:”No, thank you. If you grab the harp, it will throw me off balance.” That strikes fear in their heart. I tell them if they’d like to pray, that would be all right.


    I didn’t say anything about doors in that reply….I got carried away from the previous post about people wanting to help. If there is a doorstop on the door, I am effusive in my praise to anyone nearby. My love for buildings with doorstops knows no bounds. If there is none, I lament fervently on the lack of it. There is one church that has a doorstop now, I’m sure, because of that! (next time I went back there, there was a doorstop!)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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