How to clean my harp?

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    Maura Tull on #72945

    I have a Salvi Dalphne, brown, and i was wondering how i could clean it besides a simple damp cloth. Is Pledge allowed? wood polish? i don’t want to ruin the sound or finish of my harp, but it’s got a few nicks and scuffs that need removing



    jessica-wolff on #72946

    Not Pledge. There’s a special harp polish put out by [Lyon & Healy?] that’s supposed to be good. In a pinch, a guitar polish will do as well. You’re not supposed to use polish too often–that’s to avoid buildup.

    deb-l on #72947

    there’s special polish for Salvi’s ‘Penthouse Polish’.

    carl-swanson on #72948

    Nicks and scuffs do not get removed by cleaning. You need to have someone who is well versed in wood refinishing to spot finish or rub out those problems. It doesn’t have to be someone knowledgeable about the harp. Just someone who knows refinishing.

    diana-lincoln on #72949

    What about ebonized finished harps? My prelude 38

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