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    Has anyone ever moved to a new community and successfully found a way to canvas the area for potential harp students? Would love to know your innovative ideas for expanding into a new community where harpists haven’t been!

    Angela Biggs

    I am doing this *right now*! A lot depends on the demographics of your community, of course. My community is what is known as “underserved” in the arts, and “impoverished” economically. So far, I’ve taken my harp out to parks on a few perfect days in the summer, participated in the local talent show, and volunteered my playing at a large local crafts/arts fair to get people accustomed to the presence of the instrument; I’ve taught a community college class (advertised it in the papers, fliers around town, etc.); and right now I’m partnering with the local arts center to put on a one-hour hands-on group harp class to be presented sometime around the end of April. If I can generate enough interest, it may become a monthly or weekly event. I wasn’t satisfied with the results of the advertising for the community college course, so for this one I’m going to strap on one of my Harpsicles and go door to door with small fliers…. I’m terrified, but I *will* do what it takes….

    The “local arts center” I’m talking about is a very small but exciting start-up (just five years old), and is an amazing partner in my efforts. It will pay me for teaching at an honest rate, but program participants pay the center only what they can afford. It’s run by passionate people, and it’s pretty awesome. If you have something like that locally, I would highly recommend that you find out who’s in charge, introduce yourself, and start a discussion about working together.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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