How Old is too old?

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    HBrock25 on #156071

    I’m looking at buying a harp.. How old do harps typically get? How old is too old for a harp? or does it not matter?

    catherine-rogers on #156072

    It’s not the age, it’s the condition. A lot like cars.

    Irene C on #156073

    I’d like to put in my two cents, and it may not answer your question about the age of the harp, but maybe the age of the player.

    I was saying to my harp teacher yesterday that if anyone asked her if they should buy a new pedal harp and they are in my age bracket (over 50) to consider a used harp.

    I bought two new harps over the last 6 years (I love them both) but

    paul-knoke on #156074

    Condition does indeed count for a lot! I have harps that are 200+ years old that play just fine, albeit after restoration/conservation. Something that’s worth bearing in mind is that if you’re looking at a harp from before 1940, you should do some research on how they were meant to be strung. Putting modern strings on an old harp can lead to some big problems!

    catherine-rogers on #156075

    The stiffness of the pedal movement can be addressed somewhat by adjusting the springs. Ask your harp tech about this.

    Tacye on #156076

    Lever technology has changed quite rapidly so an older harp may be just as good as when it was made, but won’t necessarily have the latest levers on.

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