How often do strings break?

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    katherine55 on #219401

    My harp strings have been breaking very often recently and I’m wondering if this is normal?
    The dates that they broke on are:
    4/28, 5/27, 6/21, 7/4, 7/18, 8/6
    Is it normal for them to break so often, and if not, what can I do to better maintain my harp?
    Thank you!

    charles-nix on #219403

    An answer for whether it is “normal” depends tremendously on:
    1) what kind of harp
    2) what kind of strings
    3) what kind of environment (temperature and humidity)
    4) what pitch of string
    5) age of strings
    6) is it always the same string?

    For instance, if I had a different gut string in the first or second octave break on my pedal harp during rainy weather, it would be completely normal.

    If I had a middle-octave flourocarbon on a light-tension lever harp break even once in ten years, I would be looking for a specific cause.

    Can you give some more information?

    Charles Nix

    balfour-knight on #219570

    I agree with Charles–we need more information, please!

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