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    If we don’t buy music, no one will be able to afford to publish anymore, and we will all suffer greatly. I’m not sure, but I must have bought at least 12 pieces. It is a bit harder for me, because I already have so many. If you have not bought 12 or more pieces, go out and get some before the end of the year! Give some as gifts to your colleagues. It is probably tax-deductible, too.


    I bought quite a bit: John Marson’s El Picaflor, Amorosi’s Pastorale Harp + Clarinet duo, then Saint-Saens Violin and Harp Fantasia, and Paul Paterson’s Bugs, probably 2-3 volumes for beginner level and the entire set of orchestral parts available from Subito music.


    Too much…I think I have a problem! But all kidding aside, I agree, we need to keep buying music even the expensive European editions. Let’s face it, the quality is outstanding!


    Don’t forget, if you insure your harps, check into whether they will also insure your music. Some of the harpists impacted by Hurricane Katrina found out to their sorrow their music could have been covered too.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming


    I honestly don’t know. I am always buying new music. I would be really surprised if it wasn’t more than twice that. At least 24 if not more.


    I loose track, when I took a financial class the teacher asked what my expenses were. Being young and living with my parents I couldn’t think of any regular expenses. Except sheet music…. I averaged (I think) at roughly 70 cents a day. I have a MAJOR problem!


    Natalie, there are much worse things you could spend your money on! Music will enrich your life and enhance your health and give pleasure to you and others. If you can afford it, go for it! (Save some money for strings, too, and harp regulation.)


    I know my Dad spent about $300 this year on new pieces that I had to learn. It’s really expensive. Of course it’s worth spending this amount once you are a good player and can use the pieces regularly, but as a learner going through the grades, you may never play much of it again; or not so often.

    Luckily though, my first teacher; the wonderful Alice Trentham gave me about 60 scores I can play in the future.


    You never know what you will end up using later on.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    A lot.


    Add one more I managed to squeeze in just before year end. I was ordering strings to restring my first octave and I happened to see that I had an email from Sylvia Woods that had a 15% discount code for all music books. A few weeks ago I had gone to see Patrick Ball play, and he was performing with Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne.

    I really enjoyed some of Aryeh’s arrangements, and I saw that he had a book with some of them available through Sylvia Woods, so I couldn’t resist.


    I also just snuck in a little more music before the end of the year, mostly not-too-difficult pieces and a fake book to play for my own amusement and when company shows up.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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