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    Ezekiel Jacobsen on #256784

    Hi all, I wanted to ask you all for your opinions on how many years of experience I should have with the harp if I wanted to study it in university. But first some backstory about me: I’m a relative beginner to the harp (only been playing for about three months) and I’ve played the piano for about 10 years. I’ve always wanted to study music at university in the hope of becoming an orchestra/solo performer and also maybe doing compositions or teaching as my career. When I finished high school I did well in music with the piano and I found a Conservatorium which I really like and despite really wanting to study there I just couldn’t do it as a pianist. Piano isn’t my favourite instrument, it’s really just what my parents wanted me to play and back when I first started as a kid I didn’t have much of a choice. On top of that I really want to do orchestra work as part of my career, and from what I can gather pianists are usually soloists for orchestras and don’t have a regular position like the harpists do (plus the solo instruments, especially piano seem very competitive.) Both of these reasons were what caused me to look elsewhere for a career outside of music as I could not bear the thought of doing my degree as a pianist. Now two years later I’m 20, and after that time I’ve realised I really can’t see myself doing anything but music in uni. I’m really enjoying learning the harp and I’m way more motivated to improve and pursue it as a career. But since I’ve only just started, I’m planning to work hard for the next three years so I can hopefully be at a level adequate for university. But I want to know from someone who has more experience what they think. Will three years be enough? Or should I have more experience going into uni? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks -Zeke

    Ezekiel Jacobsen on #256786


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