How many strings are needed for Grade 7 and 8 exams

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    Denver CH on #156778

    Please does anybody know

    Denver CH on #156779

    Put the question more specifically, for example, will a L&H Style 85 Petite (40 strings) or Style 85 GP (44 strings) suffice for the exams?

    Katherine Collyer on #156780

    As far as how many strings, the abrsm lever harp pieces can be done with a 36 string lever harp. I have a Triplett Signature 36 so you could look up that for highest and lowest notes if you like.

    Sorry I don’t know about pedal harp. Why don’t you just email them, they are quite helpful!

    Tacye on #156781

    According to the regulations I think you need 46+, however the AB are quite sensible if you apply for a dispensation to the syllabus for any reason – they don’t really want to put anyone off by demanding thousands more are spent on an already expensive instrument.

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