How many people study harp as adults

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    unknown-user on #151604

    I am trying to find out how many Adult Harp Students there are in the US
    as well as how many people play the harp in the US.

    Any suggestions or stats?


    unknown-user on #151605

    All I can say is that of my four students, 100% of them are adults.

    rod-c on #151606


    If you find any numbers on this, I would love to hear the results of your research.

    I’ve done a bit of research, and all I can find is anecdotal info. I did speak with Mary Jane D’Arville, co-owner of the Virginia Harp Center. She has observed a growth trend in the number of adults taking up the harp once they are adults. She says that is, in part, what has driven the development of so many new harp models in the recent years—more models to accommodate adult students.

    She is also co-organizer of the Beginning in the Middle,

    unknown-user on #151607

    Of course, as I mentioned in my post, the AHS directory would only give a “hint” of the demographics of members.

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