How Many CDs?

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150359

    I am wondering what harpist has made the most professional recordings? My guess would be Nicanor Zabaleta, who recorded on Everest or Hispavox or another small label, and for Deutsche Grammophon for many years.

    Lily Laskine might have quite a few as well (Erato).

    But Erica Goodman, at 17 with more coming is either close behind or in front.

    catherine-rogers on #150360

    Yolanda Kondonassis has quite a few.

    Donna O on #150361

    Yolanda has 15 CD’s currently.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150362

    I didn’t realize. Wow.

    patricia-jaeger on #150363

    If you go to you’ll find about 19 CDa listed, but in his current flyer, that I receive, I counted 21. We in Washington State are very proud of this humble man who plays beautifully, and his repertoire is amazing.

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