How long have you left your harp in the car for?

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    janelle-lake on #149918

    O.k. I’m curious.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #149919

    Nope! Never.

    Tacye on #149920

    I leave mine in the car overnight sometimes when I am sure it will not be frosty.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149921

    It’s one way to have it stolen. I wonder, if I am traveling, which is safer, the car or the motel room? I guess if you would bring in your baggage, then harps go in too.

    don-hilsberg on #149922

    Once there was a popular male duo-harp team (they’re both dead now) that left their harps in the van, overnight, while on tour.

    Tacye on #149923

    Inside, outside, or in the car, what is likely to distress any piece of
    fine woodwork is extremes or changes of temperature and humidity.

    kay-lister on #149924

    It depends on the conditions ofcourse.

    michael-steadman on #149925

    I would never leave my harp in the car in the hot sun – but if it is shaded and the temperature is normal then I am OK with it for up to an hour or so.

    Sarah Mullen on #149926

    If the weather is good…not too hot or sunny, not too cold, not too humid, I’ll leave my harps in the car.

    Karen Johns on #149927

    Heck, I worry enough about transporting my harp in the car just during short road trips. I’d never dream of leaving it alone-even in the shade. With my luck an errant tree limb would break and crush both my van and harp. LOL


    Mel Sandberg on #149928

    I agree with what everybody else says. In principle, I’m mostly worried about theft of the car, and then obviously, temperature, but sometimes one just doesn’t have a choice.

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