How hard is Hanson Symp. 2 ?(Romantic)

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    lisa-fenwick on #148574

    How hard is this part?

    catherine-rogers on #148575

    Not difficult. First movement, 6 measures after J, I play enharmonics. You have an arpeggiated chord (downward) in the left hand (written F#, C#, G#) which I play as F#, Db, Ab. It will be easier if you can get someone’s markings, but most of it is pretty obvious. Definitely get a good recording.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148576

    There is one really bad transition on the first page, I think, that I try to fake, as it seems unplayable. Does anyone have a great solution for it?

    MusikFind1 on #148577

    There are two publication of this work.
    Composer Hanson, Howard.
    Symphony No. II “Romantic”

    lisa-fenwick on #148578

    Thank you all. As always a wealth of information.

    Ian McVoy on #148579

    It’s not that bad.

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