How hard do you think Firebird is?

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    lisa-fenwick on #145936

    How hard do you think the

    Sylvia Clark on #145937

    You can find it there.

    alice-freeman on #145938

    Hi Lisa

    I played it with the University symphony when I had only completed 2 years of harp lessons. The harmonics are tricky but you can fake them by playing quietly an octave higher. There are 5-finger chords in each hand, but just pick the notes that you want to play.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    melissa-gallant on #145939

    Try transposing the harmonics section

    barbara-brundage on #145940

    As others have said, the part is pretty easy to play, and it’s not hard to follow to fit in with the ensemble, either. A really nice part–audible and fun to play.

    lisa-fenwick on #145941

    Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it as always.

    Barbara, Just wanted to say I really enjoy your arrangements-especially Scherezade.

    barbara-brundage on #145942

    Thanks, Lisa. If you play pedal harp, you should check out Robert Maxwell’s ‘Scheherazade’, which includes a lot of the bits that don’t work well with levers.

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