How do you know if you should quit?

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    Gillian Bradford on #160486

    I’ve had my harp for 4 years and so far have made so little progress on it that I wonder if I should give up altogether. I have been having regular lessons but then I just find myself getting so tense and stressed about the whole instrument now. I am so frustrated that just sitting behind it is enough to make me feel irritated.

    I love the instrument but I love it the most when I don’t touch it at all and just admire it from afar. I can happily leave it adorning the corner of my room for the rest of my life. I can’t find any reason or passion to play it, even though I still have a desire to be able to play it.

    I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument and this one is the only one I love. But it’s so disappointing to me that I find reading music so difficult, even after all this practice I still can’t sight read. I find any musical theory just mind boggling and can’t tell the difference if I’m playing a C or E chord. I wonder if I have any musical aptitude at all. I’m just about to pack it in, although I could never bring myself to ever part with my harp.

    unknown-user on #160487

    Some people never sight read well.

    kay-lister on #160488


    Life is to full of “have tos”!

    Sid Humphreys on #160489


    I agree with Kay. Take a break and try reading Dr. Carrols Power Performance. You may find that a different approach is what you need, but taking a break is vital (I think ) when you need a new attiude.


    andy-b on #160490

    Hi, Gillian:

    I’ve been right where you are. Every time I sat behind the harp, I was frustrated, and didn’t want to play. I sold my harp and didn’t play for three years. While my reasons for getting frustrated are different from yours, you still don’t want to associate those feelings of frustration with your harp. In the two years since I’ve been playing again, I’ve experienced a renewed passion for playing. I really needed the time away to rid myself of the negative thought patterns I was developing. I’m sure you won’t need that much time away, and don’t get rid of your harp! But a little break will probably be a big help.


    unknown-user on #160491

    If it’s that frustrating, you might want to take a vacation from it.

    tony-morosco on #160492

    By all means take a break if you are feeling too frustrated. But remember that typically our frustration is due to our own expectations from ourselves. Perhaps altering your expectations of where you think you should be and what you want to get out of it would change your level of frustration at your progress.

    dawn-penland on #160493

    My aunt was a gifted harpist and gave it up in college because she hated her teacher.

    unknown-user on #160494

    I think you should quit and sell your harp to me at a low low price.

    Maria Myers on #160495


    Even if you are joking, this comment is crass.

    unknown-user on #160496

    Actually I thought it was funny, because I knew he must be joking.

    unknown-user on #160497

    you know, I went through the same thing with piano.8 Years

    harp guy on #160498

    I agree with most of the comments so far.

    Audrey Nickel on #160499

    I just have to add regarding sight reading…don’t beat yourself up over that at all!

    sherry-lenox on #160500

    Sight reading is the hardest part of music to learn and also the hardest to teach. See if you can find someone who uses the Kodaly method.

    Even though it’s designed for children, a teacher trained in the method

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