How do you cover your harp when transporting it?

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    unknown-user on #163602

    When going to gigs, do you transport your

    diane-michaels on #163603

    Protect your investment with a heavy duty, amply-padded cover.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163604

    I cover it with a transport cover — a Camac cover…not a L&H cover. But I wouldn’t dream of moving it without that. You can get dings from just getting it on the dolly without a transport cover — just not safe.

    unknown-user on #163605

    The cover that comes with the L&H harp is a good strong cover, but is it better, and safer, to use theTransport cover, whcih has a 1/2 inch inner foam core. Is there anyone out there using one? I don’t want to buy it until I know more about the benefits. I have been using the cover that it came with,

    karen-conoan on #163606

    My LH transport cover has been great for protecting my 85E.

    unknown-user on #163607

    Thanks Karen. I can see that buying the Transport set is a good idea. I too, use an old carpet when loading and unloading. It’s important to keep the bottom clean and dry too. I know what you

    unknown-user on #163608

    Hi SS,

    I have a transport cover set, the Salvi one, that I use for both my 17 and my 100. I bought it when I bought my Salvi, and find it works fine for those two models..

    I used to not always use the base cover protector, like the poster above, I’d just use a square of carpet..but on a

    louise-vickerman on #163609

    I ALWAYS moved my harp with the blue transport covers (esp. in a place like Scotland where rain was the norm!), I used the column cover, the front part of the base cover (it was easier to secure it to the dolly without the back piece that wrapped around the pedals) and the dust cover and then the main big blue waterproof cover over the top. I didn’t use the carpet square in the ground when loading since the front part of the base cover and the dolly was enough protection. I found the thick padding of the covers were really good at protecting the harp from dents and scrapes (the harp even fell over once at a festival when a stage crew placed it half on & half off a hydraulic stage riser and started moving it without checking all was clear – it was all wrapped up in its covers and miraculously escaped serious injury – just a little knocked out of tune!!)

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