How can i buy harps!!!???

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    unknown-user on #167246

    My name is Carlos ,i?m from Costa Rica, i?m 17 and i have studying
    Harp for seven years now, i have a problem, the situation is that
    here in my country is very expensive to buy a harp, we are eleven
    students in the national music institute(there are 4 harps in the
    institute and we can only study there) and i believe we have a pretty
    good techniche and a very good teacher who studied in Israel,
    my problem is that i?m frustrated by the fact that is almost
    impossible to get a harp in this country, if any of you know of a
    place were we can be help please send me information, and if any of
    you know about other good teachers, please send me information
    because i really want to get in contact with other teachers and maybe
    get a scholarship to study some where else and become a better
    harpist and musician.Thank You for your help.

    patricia-jaeger on #167247

    Carlos, i have no answer but just a name. Contact Jonathan Cascante in San Jose, Costa Rica who has also been trying to obtain a harp- he is an accomplished harpist and composer. It would seem that if all of you share ideas some good result might come.

    unknown-user on #167248

    You should audition for American schools, especially the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, or Temple University. You may find it easier to get a harp once you’re here. Some schools have enough harps for the students to use. I know a harpist named Adan Vazquez who was from the Dominican Republic. He went to school here and was able to buy a harp eventually. I may be able to teach you through some schools.

    Christina Buchsbaum on #167249

    Maybe you really need to go to another country to get a scholarship and study maybe in USA, or what do you think of Germany? We have very good teachers. I hope to hear from you. Christina

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