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    unknown-user on #167364

    I’m a little weary about how our instruments are going to be kept at
    Tanglewood BUTI. Does any one who’s gone know where/what conditions
    our harps are kept in? I’m terrified that my instrument is going to
    take an awful beating with the frequent temperature changes that the
    Berkshieres have. Any info is appreciated.


    katherine-willow on #167365

    a harpist from my school went to tanglewood the past couple of years, and i’m pretty sure they provided a harp for her to use while there.

    unknown-user on #167366

    Thank you SO much for this information! Had I not known, I would have naively brought my harp and have it reduced to woodchips in the NON TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED dorms. Yikes. I just called them and I got the answering machine. If I can’t arrange to have a harp provided for me, then we’ll have a problem…

    unknown-user on #167367


    A problem we have not! They’re going to give me a harp to use for the six weeks. This is great news!

    Thanks for the help! I’f you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have called.



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