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    Misty Harrison on #84240

    For many years I have taught homeschooled students that were referred to me by other harp teachers. The students are good workers and their schedules work well with mine because I can teach them during the day and other students are at school and need night-time lessons.

    I’ve never advertised for homeschooled students though and wondered if anyone had suggestions on how to do that.

    darth-mom on #84241

    Hi Misty,
    Check with the homeschool organizations in your area.

    tonie-ogimachi on #84242

    Hi Misty,

    You might also want to check with your local public school district independent study and homeschooling programs.

    phoebe-powell on #84243

    I am actually a homeschooled student, and find practising time a lot easier to do because of less home work that kids at public school usually do in the evenings.

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