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    Does anyone know a holiday themed story featuring the harp? I just got booked for an after school gig next week and was wondering if there’s a Christmas harp story out there I could incorporate in my program! Thanks!


    The Youngest Ishmaelite

    Long ago, there were three young Ishmaelites. The two older Ishaemlites two played the flute, while the youngest Ishmaelite played the harp.

    All day long the two older Ishmaelites would say “come accompany us!” to the youngest Ishmaelite. Sometimes the youngest Ishmaelite suggested certain music that would be fun for harp, and but the two older Ishmaelites always refused. “Accompany us!” They made the poor youngest Ishmaelite always play chords as they played their fancy melodies. “Play chords!” they shouted. “Arpeggios!” they demanded.
    Sometimes the two older Ishamelites wanted to play their fancy melodies too fast, and the youngest Ishmaelite couldn’t keep up, because harps can be very difficult to play sometimes, but the two older Ishmaelites didn’t care. “We don’t care if your arpeggios sound good! Play faster!” they berated him as they trilled. “Why should we develop diaphragmatic resistance to play sustained pitches? Faster!” Faster, faster, faster they trilled their fancy melodies.

    Then one December, a star shone in the sky, and the three young Ishamelites knew they should play for the baby Jesus. The two older Ishmaelites knew just the piece. “This piece has fancy melodies that the baby Jesus will like.” they said. The youngest Ishamelite looked at the harp music. “These repeated block chords need some space to sound nice,” the youngest Ishmaelite suggestsed. “No! Play fast!” the older Ishmaelites replied.

    When they arrived at the stable for the big recital, the youngest Ishmaelite tried and tried to keep up, but the two older Ishmaelites played faster than ever. They played so fast the youngest Ishmaelites fingers were bleeding trying to keep up with the two older Ishmaelites.

    After the recital for the baby Jesus, the youngest Ishmaelites needed something else to play. The youngest Ishmaelite decided to play without the two oldest Ishmaelites, and was warm in church sanctuaries all through the winter. The two older Ishmaelites were turned away at every door, because all the churches and chamber ensembles already had enough flutists. They had to sell their flutes for stale bread to eat, then they froze to death in the dark.



    If you want you can change the names of the harps & harpists, But NOT the harp necklace
    The story is called Little Marry’s Christmas concert
    By Mia
    BTW I love to wright my own harp stories
    Once in Ireland their was a harpist named Mia. She had mahogany hair & emerald green eyes. She had 2 harps. 1 named Emily & the other named Gina. The first of the 2 harps was a shamrock lever harp, she was natural in wood, she has 34 levers & strings, she even has Celtic designs on her soundboard. The other harp is an 85 GP pedal harp with 10 more strings, This harp was cherry in wood.
    One day while Mia was getting reedy for a christmas concert 1 octave of strings popped 2 pedals got stuck & half the disks fell off from the neck. Mia said”Oh no!!!!!!! I’d better call around & see if I can rent harp pedal harp for tonights concert. While she was on the phone trying to get a harp, she heard a small voice coming from her harp necklace. The little harp was said ” can you take me off my chain?” Mia said “OK.” So as soon as she took the little harp off her chain, that little harp grew & grew into the biggest harp you’d ever see. Then the harp said “come play my strings.” So Mia played the harp & asked how are we going to get to the concert tonight? The harp said “put the chain through my crown.” So Mia did what the harp said & big harp went back to being a necklace.
    At the concert Mia played lots of christmas songs & even sang silent night in Irish. After that very nigh the TV & news paper interviewed her & her harp named Little Marry.
    After the concert Mia got her harp fixed & she didn’t have any more problems with her harp.

    The End

    Angela Biggs

    LOL Kreig, that cracked me up!

    Allison Stevick

    Me, too, Kreig! Hilarious!


    This is in an old book of Christmas stories from my childhood. You can read it here:

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