History of national harp associations

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    jennifer-byrne on #148683

    Afternoon, all,

    I know that on January 20, 1920, Carlos Salzedo formed the National Association
    of Harpists, Inc. and

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148684

    I think that the National Harp Association was the first such group. I am not aware of any connection to the AHS, so who is keeping the NHA active? Did you see a listing, and were there names attached?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148685

    I found the listing. I suspect it simply means that it was never dis-organized, as there is no contact address.

    jennifer-byrne on #148686

    I think you are correct, Saul.

    barbara-kraichy–2 on #148687

    I have “Harp News” magazines dating back from the fall 1950- to fall 1966. They were published in California. I think in those days there was a California Harpists Association. The harp nes has

    Dwyn . on #148688

    I’m pretty sure that in all states, some action is required on a regular basis to keep a corporation or partnership active.

    Misty Harrison on #148689

    NHA petered out but the California Harpists Association was a northern Cal. chapter of NHA that

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