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    jill-pack on #146514

    H as anyone heard of a relationship between professional long term harp playing and hip replacement?

    barbara-brundage on #146515

    I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you mean do professional harpists have hip replacements at higher than average rates, based on my own experience I would say no.

    Of all the harpists I know, I know one who had both hips done, and one who had her knees done, but in neither case did their doctors think that playing/moving the harp had anything to do with it. Both had other, clearer causes.

    If you mean what effect does a hip replacement on playing, in the case of the harpist I mentioned, he was able to continue playing, but strictly forbidden to move a harp anymore after the first hip replacement was done.

    margaret-vance on #146516

    I had my left hip replaced last December plus a broken pelvis, broken sacrum and

    kay-lister on #146517

    Margaret – OUCH -glad you are doing ok!


    HBrock25 on #146518

    I did not heard any connection between harp playing and hip replacement. My opinion is that you don’t have to worry about any long term complications because of harp playing, however I read at a hip implant attorney‘s website about some hip implant recalls. That is some really troublesome news regarding hip implants.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #146519

    I cant imagine any link – none of the risk factors for osteoarthritis (by far the commonest indication for joint replacement) of the hip would seem commoner in harpists apart from the fact that they are usually female and females account for around 60 % of replacements!

    The recalls are for one particular implant.

    margaret-vance on #146520

    If you are considering a hip replacement I would recommend that you find a surgeon who does the anterior procedure rather than the posterior.

    David Ice on #146521

    I have had to have 3 spinal surgeries since 2006, and while there’s no empirical evidence, I do think my spinal issues were made worse by loading/unloading a harp for decades into and out of a Ford Taurus.

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